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GSL Defense Training

Shooting is fun.  Shooting classes are even more fun!
Shooting classes are lots of fun!


Classes are a great couples weekend.


Shooting around barricades
Students learn to shoot from behind cover & concealment.



Firearm training for everyone.

If you know little or nothing about using or storing a gun, we're the ones that can help you!  You'll feel a good deal more secure, comfortable and confident  handling a firearm after taking GSL Defense Training coursework.

We offer a host of classes to serve not only beginners, but also experienced shooters as well.   If you're a new gun owner, want to overcome anxiety related to firearm use or ownership, or just want to have a solid foundation of training before you rely on a firearm for personal defense, we can help.

We have over one dozen experienced instructors, male and female, from a diverse background who are all patient, skilled and knowledgeable to help you improve your ability to safely use your handgun effectively and efficiently.

We bring the best of nationally known courses and instructors back to the classes we teach. Our instructors have taken courses from scores of training schools, including Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Bank Miller, Steve Tarani, Pat Rogers, Gabe Suarez, Front Sight, Thunder Ranch, Chris Costa, Travis Haley, Fortress Defense, Bob Houzenga, Sully Sullivan, John Krupa and many, many more.

GSL Defense Training's team of high-quality and personable firearm instructors is what sets us apart from other NRA training classes offered elsewhere. We teach self-defense because we love to share good shooting and personal defense skills with folks young and old.

Our staff are all very friendly and personable, and will make you feel at ease and comfortable as you build your skill sets (or overcome anxieties about guns). We've got fifteen years experience teaching NRA Personal Protection and NRA Personal Protection in the Home courses, and some of our staff have been teaching federal, state and local law enforcement for longer than that. All told, our instructors have a cumulative total of over 150 years experience teaching firearms .

After all these years of teaching, we've had no shortage of students who have reported using the lessons we've taught them to react to home invasions, burglaries interrupted, and to repulse violent, armed attack successfully and without injury to themselves or their families. Helping law-abiding folks learn the skills necessary to use firearms for personal defense is why we teach; it's our reason for doing this.


Our staff (many of them are photographed here) is the reason our courses are so popular among our students and our hosts at Darnall's GunWorks and Ranges.

You won't find a better, more highly-skilled or talented group of instructors from a diverse background than at a GSL Defense Training course. Our people are eager, willing and able to patiently help less-experienced shooters with any areas of difficulty. More experienced shooters will benefit from identification and correction of more subtle issues and/or wasted movement, which will help in defensive- as well as recreational- and competitive-shooting endeavors.


NRA Personal Protection in the Home

You won't be an expert at the end of the NRA Personal Protection in the Home class, but you will have an excellent foundation to continue your learning with subsequent classes or to grow on your own.

As an added bonus, these courses satisfy the training requirement for many states' right-to-carry licenses - including Florida's which is recognized in almost thirty states, as well as Wisconsin and Arizona!

NRA Personal Protection in the Home Class - Clinton, IL - October 19 & 20, 2013


NEW! Instructor Development Course

GSL Defense Training will offer a one-day Instructor Development Course open to all current or prospective pistol instructors. The class will cover basic tactics, techniques to diagnose and correct problems in novice pistol shooters and identifying subtle issues with more experienced shooters.

If you've considered teaching or coaching others, either informally with family and friends or formally as an instructor, this course is for you.

Instructor Development Course - To be announced.


Intermediate Pistol: Training to Live and Win

Intermediate-level classes are geared to shooters with some experience handling firearms. Our Training to Live and Win course offers shooters a high-quality, yet affordably-priced opportunity to sharply enhance their abilities and shooting skills.

We're going to teach you critical thinking skills, decisive decision-making in the face of the stress of a critical incident, legal considerations, along with the attitudes necessary to win in a violent confrontation or in competition.

This course isn't quite high-speed, low-drag, but we'll be giving you a strong foundation for advanced-level training should you wish to pursue it - all without breaking the bank.

Training to Live and Win - Bloomington, IL - October 12 & 13, 2013


Urban Rifle / AR-15 Carbine - Homeland defense rifle

Urban Rifle 101 is a new two-day course offered to civilians wishing to learn the fundamentals of defensive urban rifle tactics and techniques. Instructors will bring back the best of several courses to teach the principles of riflecraft from the ground up. Students will learn proper maintenance, employment, ammunition selection, mechanics and manipulation. Shooting on the move, from cover and concealment and from many positions will also be covered..

To be announced.


Panoramic photo of firearm training class