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"I came into the course nervous and a little uncomfortable. I came out of it confident in my ability to use my gun to protect my family and with the knowledge of how and when to do so."

--- Female, 30s, April 30/May 1, 2011 class.

"Firearms training for everyone."

If you know little or nothing about using or storing a gun, we’re the ones that can help you! The training we offer is tailored to those still fairly new to handguns, yet offers highly-experienced, long-time shooters plenty of help to improve their shooting skill sets as well.

You’ll feel a good deal more secure and comfortable with handling a firearm after taking GSL Defense Training's NRA Personal Protection in the Home course. This course provides a solid foundation for more advanced studies and it satisfies the training requirement for a Florida non-resident right-to-carry license which is valid in over thirty states. If you’re relatively new to gun ownership, want to overcome anxiety related to firearm use or ownership, or just want to have a solid foundation of training before you begin to carry a sidearm for personal defense, we can help.

Our Training to Live and Win intermediate-level class provides some advanced training for those looking to build upon skills learned in basic firearm classes - without breaking the bank.  These courses offer training in everything from practical shooting skills to detailed training on the judicious use of deadly force and decision-making in high-stress situations.

Our Urban Rifle class does much the same as our Training to Live and Win course only using your semi-automatic carbine rifle.