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John, Jeff and John.

Frank doing his thing as the range officer.


Nice shooting!

Cleaning tip for wheelgun shooters: Let the cordless drill do the work in the cylinders.

Dry fire practice before firing the first shots. Guns aren't so intimidating after a little training.

We're making Frank shoot this day. He's a retired G-man who taught G-men to shoot. "This, in contrast, is fun."

In addition to rifles and pistols, John wraps a pretty good thumb wound. Mr. Milton never lost the grin he was having so much fun.

Asking the instructor for secrets to beating the instructors at the qualification...

Terry, one of our old instructor pals.








These are photos from some of our past classes, both NRA Personal Protection courses and Training to Live and Win.

The instructors are all close friends and as you can see, we love teaching and enjoy what we are doing. You could say we have as much fun as the students do.

Thanks to Nick, Tim, John and Eric for the photos.

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Are you guys about ready? We're burning daylight.


A double charge of powder in your revolver hand-loads will get you this. Same thing for the cylinder to the left.


Chris fills 'em full of holes.


Shooting from 25 yards. Makes you concentrate a little on what you're doing.


Reload! Notice the magazine hasn't even hit the ground and the reload is inches away.


Don't mess with big Tony!